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Dear Sellers “Get a Home Inspection Before you Sell”

If you are contemplating selling your home or already have it on the market, go ahead and pay the money to get your home inspected.  You and your REALTOR have worked really hard to get the offer on the table and then comes the Home Inspection report with a laundry list of problems you didn’t know about.  Nothing will kill a deal faster than a lengthy list of issues that need to be repaired.  Even a bunch of small items can turn off some buyers and you end up losing the deal.  In the Texas Hill Country you can have an average size home inspected for about $300.  A lot of my sellers say, “well the buyer should pay for the inspection”, and they will when the time comes, but believe me that $300 buys a lot of piecBandera Real Estate Home Inspectione of mind.   

After you get the inspection report you can fix that leaky faucet, sticking door, broken electrical outlet or whatever other problems the inspector finds and believe me they will find things you weren’t aware of.  By knowing the problems upfront, you may have just saved yourself the heartbreak of a deal gone south due to surprises you weren’t expecting.  Most all buyers are going to get the home inspected, but if you’ve already had an inspection done, then there shouldn’t be any surprises when they do theirs.  Remember though, the items you are aware of now, due to the inspection, that you opted not to fix need to go on your Home Owners Disclosure.  Its easier to address these issues up front than to try to negotiate them away later.  You may find items that you aren’t willing to fix and you can reflect that in the price upfront instead of having to renegotiate the price or the repairs later.  Think about it, once you have accepted their offer they are in a much stronger negotiating position later to demand either a decrease in the selling price to off-set the repairs, or a less than amicable deal for you in paying for the repairs.  This is a lose/lose position for you the seller.  Instead, bargain from a position of strength because you have either addressed the outstanding issues in your sellers disclosure, or you fixed them after your home inspection.

Good Luck and Good Selling Larry Wood                     http://www.BanderaTexasRealEstate.com


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Happenings in the The Cowboy Capital of

Happenings in the The Cowboy Capital of the World!  Please FOLLOW THIS LINK TO SEE THE WHOLE NEWS LETTER http://ow.ly/4wo9G

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TEXAS Veterans Benefits

Thanks to all of our Veterans and Active Military

Fly-by from the good guys

I went to a Realtor’s continuing education class today, which focused on the many aspects of the Texas Veterans Land Board.  It was really apropos since I have just finished reading Michener’s book Texas, where they go into detail of how the Texas General Land Office  was originally created and how it ultimately benefited the veterans of the Texas Revolution (via the TVLB).   An interesting fact I learned today is that Texas is one of only five states that offer its veteran’s benefits.  God I love Texas!  The other states are Alaska, California, Wisconsin and Oregon.  Texas also has the 3rd largest number of veterans.

IMPORTANT! If you have failed to qualify for Texas Veterans or VA benefits in the past, that doesn’t mean you won’t qualify now.  The programs and eligibility requirements change a lot and more people are covered under the VA and Texas Veterans umbrella than have been in the past.

The best thing you can do regarding your questions about the Texas Veterans Land Board is to contact the good folks over there like Tammy Tapman at (800) 252-VETS (8387) or e-mail her at tamara.tapman@glo.state.tx.us

Information for Texas Veterans regarding Texas Veterans Loan Programs:

  • Loan types- Land, Home and Home Improvement
  • Veterans may use each loan program more than once
  • Veterans may participate in all loan programs simultaneously
  • Properties must be wholly located in the state of Texas
  • Unmarried Surviving Spouses are eligible
  • Dignified burial benefits
  • Affordable long-term nursing care

TX Vet Housing Fast Facts:

  • Finance your Primary Residence up to $325,000
  • Veteran Must Occupy as Primary Residence
  • Eligible Property types include: Single Family, Condo, Townhome, 2-4 Family (5 yrs. Or older) and certain types of Manufactured and Modular homes
  • Must be originated with FHA, VA, or Conventional Financing
  • Terms, 15 or 30 years

I will be posting more blogs regarding the VA and Texas Veterans, so check back for more information.

For more information online visit www.texasveterans.com or call them at (800) 252-VETS (8387)


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