The good folks at Five Star Professionals contacted me with the “Great News” that I have been awarded the prestigious “2013 FIVE STAR REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL” Award and will be featured with the other Texas winners in the May 2013 issue of Texas Monthly Magazine.

I am thankful every day for all of my clients and all of the wonderful people that the real estate business affords me the opportunity to work with.  The team at Five Star Professionals is not allowed to disclose the names of the clients that nominated or voted for the award winners; however, if you see this and nominated me, I sure would love to hear from you and thank you personally.

I have developed so many great friendships with my clients and many of them are now my neighbors too.  It’s an awesome feeling to know that people really appreciate what I do for them and go out of their way to show me their appreciation with awards like this, or as in the past with a bottle of good bourbon, or culinary delights from Neiman Marcus.  I do my best for each and every person I represent whether they are buyers or sellers; and I am extremely grateful to know that my efforts do not go unnoticed.

Again, a very Big Texas Sized “Thank You” to everyone who had a hand in getting me this award.  It’s a real honor and a privilege to serve you.

Thank you,
Larry Wood
Five Star Professional Award

Texas Monthly partnered with FIVE STAR Professional to identify the real estate agents in the San Antonio/Hill Country area who provide exceptional service and overall satisfaction as indicated by clients, peers and industry experts. The 2013 FIVE STAR Real Estate Agents are a select group of fewer than 7 percent of all real estate agents in the identify the real estate agents in the  area.

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